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  3. NEW SONG: Coldplay - 'Orphans' - LYRICS. I can't go on, Forgetting what I'm made of. I am so numb; you held me down for so long. It's fine to criticize, the pain in my eyes, if you escape the blame; the feeling; the shame that kept you mine.
  4. Jul 18,  · Although it can't banish your suffering, it can sustain you until the time comes for you to let your pain go. And the letting go can only occur in it's own time, as much as we would like to push the pain away forever. Hold on.
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  7. Mar 25,  · As Herbert Stein said, “what can’t go on, won’t.” Attempts to raise taxes further will lead to lower, not greater, revenues. The cost of borrowing will go .
  8. I can't go on anymore I feel I've reached the end of the road. My child is also grown up and is the only "stable" thing in my life have 2 failed marriages and lost my job and can't get another and the dreaded w/e!! It's nice that so many people are supportive and I really hope you have a better day am thinking of you. Lois x.
  9. Nov 27,  · When We Can't Go On: 10 Bible Verses About Weariness. Mark Woods 27 November | PM. Pixabay. There's a Greek myth about a king named Sisyphus who for various sins was condemned after his death to roll a great stone up a hill forever. Just as he got to the top, it would roll down the hill and he would have to do it all again.

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