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  1. Dec 31,  · "Liners" is a horticultural term referring to trays of very young plants, usually grown for sale to retailers or wholesalers, who then grow them to a larger size before selling them to consumers. Liners are usually grown from seed, but may also be grown from cuttings or tissue culture.
  2. (Professions) a person who supplies or fits linings 3. (Mechanical Engineering) engineering a sleeve, usually of a metal that will withstand wear or corrosion, fixed inside or outside a structural component or vessel: cylinder liner.
  3. Liners are crafted to protect residual limbs from abrasion and breakdown. Our thermoplastic elastomer and silicone liners each have a pleasing surface that is comfortable against the skin. We offer prefabricated and custom liners to suit various limb shapes.
  4. Find your groove with Always Radiant Daily Liners, with up to % odor-free protection. Inspired by the latest fashion trends, you’ll love the tropical prints and wrappers that .
  5. Continued. Because invisible aligners are not as precise as traditional braces, some patients may require a “refinement” of their teeth using braces for a few months to make other, smaller.

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